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The objective of the AIA TRUST shall be to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond, to preserve genetic diversity, to ensure that the use of renewable resources is sustainable and to safeguard the rights and interests of responsible animal owners and professionals through research, public education and the development of sound public policy.


Brief History to date:-

The AIA was formed in 2006 by a group of concerned citizens and passionate animal keepers in response to a radical draft policy published by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife ( EKZNW) and put out for short notice public comment without stakeholder input. The draft policy has caused widespread alarm and concern because if it is adopted it would severely limit the keeping of any wild animal by anyone other than a registered zoo, rehabilitation centre or sanctuary. A wild animal includes any animal either indigenous or exotic that is not a domestic animal and includes reptiles and birds. If the Policy is passed it will be adopted by other provinces and therefore affect anyone in South Africa who keeps wild animals. An African Grey parrot is considered a wild animal as much as a duiker, snake, lizard or marmoset. Primates are targeted in a separate draft policy and no one will be allowed to keep, breed and sell them. All existing animals will be phased out.

The AIA have been advised by their specialist environmental law attorney that the process which EKZNW have followed to arrive at this draft policy is legally flawed and they have challenged EKZNW to go back to the drawing board and invite all stakeholders to take part in drawing up a new draft policy. While EKZNW have after much pressure invited further comments and stakeholder input, it is quite clear that they don’t intend to back down and they have provided no guarantee that they will act on any of the objections to date.
As it stands the draft policy has already started to impact and cause harm to various industries such as the film industry which stands to lose multi million rand foreign contacts. The adoption of the policy would crash the entire pet industry and suppliers to this industry along with their direct and indirect dependants.

The AIA have on numerous occasions attempted to negotiate with EKZNW but have now instructed their attorney to bring about court action and halt the process because all avenues of negotiation between the AIA and EKZNW have finally been exhausted.
The final non court activity was to inform the other affected government entities of the intended court action as they have a legal interest in the outcome. The office of the Premier of KZN and the MEC both responded to this correspondence and the AIA attorney is currently in contact with them.

Nevertheless, nothing may come of this and the AIA will probably have a huge legal battle on its hands. We are appealing to anyone and everyone who owns animals and who supports the cause of the AIA to become a member. It is all too easy to sit back and hope that something gets done to stop this draft from being adopted but without your support this may well be impossible. Each membership will contribute towards the AIA legal fees and enable us to continue to fight for our rights. Membership will not be afforded to any rightist group, association, institution or person who is not in favour of animals being kept in captivity.

The Animal Interest Alliance is currently registering as a TRUST and both the long and short term aims and objectives will be outlined in the next issue of Avizandum. Please encourage your friends, bird and reptile club members and any other people who you feel are passionate about keeping animals to be proactive and join the AIA. If this draft becomes legislation then it will be too late and there will be many regrets.

For your membership application form or more information email

Or contact the AIA Trust spokesperson William Horsfield as per details on the back page AMAZONA advert. (

Or AIA Trust committee members:

Jim Stockley of Stockley Trained Animal Consultants cc
P.O Box 36, Umlaas Road 3730
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
tel/fax 031 7851411
mobile: 082 449 1130

Dr Angelo Lambiris
22 Ashley Road, West Riding, Hillcrest 3610.
Phone / Fax 031 7656466
Cell 082 923 9382

The Animal Interest Alliance Trust is inviting membership at the following annual rates.




(this category will entitle the member logo to be displayed on the AIA Trust Website along with other advertising perks)

Banking details for the AIA are as follows:-

For electronic deposits For cheque & cash deposits
 Ridl & Co Attorneys  Absa Bank
 Investec Bank  Gandhi Square
 Branch code: 580105  Branch code: 632005
 Account no.: 50001513414  Account no.: 01340550303
 Ref AIA + depositor name  Ref: 50001513414 AIA + Depositor name




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